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The Family Man – 天使がくれた時間 –

(English following Japanese)

これは”This Could be Heaven”という、Sealの歌で、映画「天使がくれた時間」の主題歌です。 大好きな曲の一つです。
“This Could be Heaven” by Seal
(The theme song of the movie “The Family Man“)
This is one of my favorite songs.
(に、日本語訳はごめんなさい・・ 時間がなく・・・ とりあえず、タイトルは「ここは天国になりうる」です。)

It’s less than 1 month to Christmas !
Please watch the movie “The Family Man” !
(Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni)
I really recommend !
I love this movie so much !!
I watched the DVD with my host brother in Australia.
After we watched, he watched the movie again alone (he seemed to think deeply by himself), and he sent 70 roses to ex-girlfriend at her office, they got back together again and few years later, they married happily.
I was there then, even for me, it’s very good memorable movie.
Please watch it before Christmas !!
This is the lyric.
“This Could be Heaven”
We should be right here
Get through all this fear
One of these days
Cuz when it comes around
We should be right here
One of these days
This could be heaven
This could be heaven
Livin’ for the part
Givin’ from the heart
Now and forever
But if we let it wait too long
What we have is gone
Memory only
This could be heaven
Maybe we CAN start a life today
This could be heaven
Love instead of throwin’ it all away
This could be heaven
Whoever thought we would get this far
Tryin’ for all these years
The thought that we would fade away
Was more than I could bear
I would do anything if you would stay
If you’d stay
We should be right here
Get through all this fear
One of these days
This could be heaven
Turnin’ it on for human kind
With you by my side
Say, this could be heaven
Sure we could decide to run away
But we’d run away from all this here
Well, this could be heaven
This could be heaven
This could be heaven
Cuz I know you’d call
I know you’d call
This could be heaven (3x)
One of these days
One of these days

Naomi Angel

五次元の世界へ飛んでいき、光の世界からビジョンを受け取って、天使やドラゴン、女神、人魚、妖精など、光の世界を描くエンジェル&ドラゴン・アーティスト。 生まれつき難聴、早稲田大学卒業。 左肩に天使のサインがある。 異次元や天界の美しい、やさしい、そして、カラフルな色彩を表現し、見る人の心を優しい気持ちに、華やかな気分にさせるアートの世界観を持つ。 絵を通して、世界中に天使たちの優しい愛のエネルギーがたくさん溢れるように活動中。 人間がなぜこの地球で生まれて生きていくのか、幸せの法則とはなにか、祈りが届けられるしくみ、引き寄せの法則のしくみ、魂のしくみをつづった、大好評の連載『魂のしくみ』シリーズがリクエストに応えて、書籍化☆2016年2月22日発行、アマゾンで発売中。


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